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My Recommendation Letter

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The Background

I completed course entitled Fundementals of Web Application Development with flying colors and praise from both the course instructor and fellow learners. During the course, the instructor (Paul Gold) and I had numerous e-mail conversations concerning what he referred to as my mastery of both "the how" of building web sites as well as "the why" for good design. At the end of the course, he asked if he could write me a letter of recommendation. I am honored and priveledged to have received Mr. Gold's letter.

The Letter

Click to enlargeMr. Gold is a former web developer/designer and is now a Web Usability Professional. What you will read in his recommendation letter is his hearty endorsement of my strong potential of being a web usability consultant. This recommendation letter has become the cornerstone of my current educational path at Capella Univeristy. My goal is to learn and receive a Bachelor's degree in Web Application Development which will lead and develop my skills towards my ultimate goal of becoming a Web Usability Consultant/Expert.

Clicking the image will open the letter for viewing as an Adobe PDF file. You may also view the letter as an image.

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